As most of you know, I recently turned 30. And since you only do so once in your life, I made sure my 30th birthday was memorable and lived out one of my life long dreams: I PARALLEL PARKED A SMART CAR! It was the greatest birthday gift I ever could have received, and I am so grateful I got the chance to do it. Please enjoy this short video documenting the occasion. (Shot and edited by the wonderful Clay Tatum). 




Perigee Books has made a great move in compiling Untitled Screenplays, a blog by Curt Neill that features pages from untitled screenplays that are absurd, funny, and possibly fit better as a “lost scene” than anything else, into a book.

Entitled This Movie Will Require Dinosaurs, its release is set for July 1st and you can and should pre-order it now.

VERY cool. Thanks Jake!